wood working with a router

The router is undoubtedly the most versatile power tool in the modern workshop. With the tremendous range of cutters, jigs and accessories now available, it is the perfect tool for a wide range of applications. Routers are remarkable but you are just as important to the success of your woodworking. General woodworking skills and especially the ability to precisely prepare raw material (wood) are essential in exploiting the power of the router.

This page will not give you a lesson in routing wood. You can use the free downloads to learn more about the wood router, the router table, router bit and cutter selection, the use of templates and so on. To download a file you need Acrobat Reader. By clicking on a picture, the pdf file of that special subject will be openened

routing, a guide to get started

This file is a 32 page guide (552Kb) to setting up and using your router and cutters. It contents the following:
1. healthe and safety
2. routing basics
3. guiding the router
4. setting the depth of the cut
5. cutter selection
6. cutter and collet care

cutter & collet care

This file is a 56 page guide (536Kb) to caring for your cutters, collets and router. It contents the following:
1. cutter selection
2. routing procedure
3. safety rules
4. cutter damage & breakage
5. cutter maintenance & storage
6. collets
7. router maintenance

how to make a frame & panel cabinet door

This file is a 65 page guide (1311Kb) to using profile scribing and raised panel cutters. It contents the following:
1. frame & panel door construction
2. profile scribing cutters
3. materials & other equipment
4. the frame
5. the panels
6. raised panel moulding cutters
7. using raised panel cutters
8. door assembly

30 routing techniques

The use of the router for jobs on-site and around the home is certainly under estimated. In this 65 page booklet (978Kb) thirty simple examples of its application will be illustrated. These samples concern the following issues:
1. kitchen and bathroom
2. windows and doors
3. decorative mouldings
4. joinery

routing techniques for doll house mouldings

This file is a 32 page guide (420Kb) to producing doll house and miniature mouldings. It contents the following:
1. introduction
2. the router table
3. routing techniques
4. cutter selection
5. safety rules
6. cutter & collet care