Wood Working

This page will lead you to many different items which are related to wood working and wood turning.

So when you are looking for a woodworking plan, or perhaps a free woodworking plan, (why buy it when you can get it for free?) you have found the right page.

But also, when you want some information about a certain woodworking project, or when you are looking for a tool review, as you want to be informed first before you decide to buy that new wood working tool that you have seen on the latest woodworking show.

As I said, there are many items which are related to woodworking, so you will also find some information about wood stoves.
My workshop is heatened by an old French wood stove, which gives a pleasant warmth, and it doesn't cost me a penny.

I myself love working with wood. For years I have worked in the office furniture industry, but it was always a relieve to come home and to find some time for real wood working.
Through the years, I have gathered a lot of information I could use for my profession and for my hobby. Now I like to share this information with those who like to work with wood and hate to spend hours and hours to find what they are looking for.

I have tried to make this website surveyable and accessible for every woodworker, but as you know, nobody is perfect. So when you have a remark that can improve this site or that should be of the benifit of another visitor, don't hesitate and send an e-mail to this special
e-mail account.
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